written on a Sunday; Aug 20' 2023Letter to my children

I don't actually know how you look like, how many of you there are or even if you ended up existing altogether; anyway, I wanted to leave a letter for you.

Maybe you love me, respect me and feel grateful for having such a loving and dedicated father. Maybe not. What I do hope is you are inmensely grateful with me for picking your mom. If anything, I want you to think of me, as the person who chose the best mom for you.

Im pretty sure I would have different lessons depending if you are my sons or daughters, as life represent different challenges based on that.

Hopefully, you are already tired of me telling you dozens of stories of my life before and during your existence; I want to explain to you why your grandmother was the bravest and strongest women I know of; how growing without a father -ironically- made me a better man; and for sure, about money, economics, politics, philosophy, love and family: all that matters. You will have an unique perspective, that is for sure.

When you fall in love I want you to remember all the moments we had staring at the sky, the sea or the mountains; when I tried to explain to you, love is such a weird concept, such an error in human existance; but so absolutely essential.

I like to think you are strong; you are brave enough to fail and keep trying. You are unfraid of demanding your own way. I like to think you are a caring emphatical person, who knows how to be strong when needed.

There is something I might have told you already... Or not: I have imagined a lot of times our relationship; right now, a sunday in San José, Costa Rica, about 10am... I hope I did well.

Look... Life is tough. I will do my best to make yours less so; but have no doubt I will make sure you aren't always protected. I want you to fail, to succeed, to be heartbroken and to be loved.

I want you, later on your life, myself long gone, to think you came and experienced life to its fullest.

If you did, I did my job.

I love you.


UPDATE: Spelling correction by Adri :)