written on a Friday; Jul 8' 2022The code of competence

Last week a BJJ teammate of mine won an international tournament. Not his first time. He has won several. Today Im reflecting on that wonderful -as usual- Ayn Rand's quote:

“The code of competence is the only system of morality that’s on a gold standard.” 

Oh yes it is. The code of competence is indeed that. Competence is something that cannot be handed out to you simply. It requires, no, demands your effort and dedication. Competence is something that not only provides a self evident proof of ability, but also screams to the world -or at least to those who can indeed listen-: I paid the price. In full. Nothing given for free.

Competence is the ultimate mandate. It doesn't particularly have to be something as difficult and complex as BJJ (following Luis' example), it could be many things: from intellectual to artistic endeavours. Of course, the harder the challenge, the bigger the pride. But still, competence is what matters.

In our current time, as we watch first hand how the world is involuting into victimism and envy, we need these everyday heroes who remind all of us of this: rise above yourself, show some grit and obtain competence... You will be rewarded.

Nothing worth admiring comes without competence.