written on a Tuesday; Dec 21' 2021A refined attempt of a refined primitive

Hey! My name is Luis Salazar and I thank you for stopping by 🙇🏼‍♂️ On the internet, I use @refinedattempt a lot. This is why:

A refined primitive

During an interview with Lindsey Buckingham, he mentioned he doesn't read music, he was not taught; he just started playing the guitar and it sounded good. With more practice, genius came. He defined this fact as being a "refined primitive".

That idea resonated a lot: Experts become experts by trial and error. You must act, expose yourself, build, sometimes fail, experiment; to ever achieve any refinement on your craft. To be as great as Lindsey is on his field, one must execute action. It is a cliché, but yes: an expert is a rookie who never surrended.

A refined primitive is a powerful idea: something which is worthy of emulation, elegant: refined. But without ignoring nor denying its raw, naked nature; imperfect, honest, natural: primitive.

We are little more than primates who learnt how to create; we can -and should- strive for refinement, but we are at the very bottom: primitive.

Can we apply this concept to life? Can we define what a refined primitive is to us and then, attempt?

A refined attempt

From then on, I decided to define what a refined primitive would be, to myself. An endeavour without an end, but the base needed to be defined.

A teacher once told me nobody can achieve perfection, but the persue of it might lead to excellence. What excellence means in this case, we can argue is  personal and intimate.

What a lovely proposition: to be your best refined attempt of a refined primitive.

I will try.