written on a Thursday; Sep 9 `21 Fecebook

Just recently, I stumbled upon an article refering on how Steve Jobs used to name Facebook.

He called Facebook: Fecebook💩. What a genius. From now on, I refuse to refer to it as nothing but: Fecebook.

The negative impact Fecebook has had AND is having in our lives, communities, countries and society in general, if we are lucky, will be a dark place in history. In an optimistic cry for the future, I hope future generations will regard Fecebook's influence in society, as an error: a painful and stupid mistake.

Fecebook is a cartel: they behave in such fashion. And worst: we allow it. We bite into the confort it "appears" to give us. We savour the ease with which we let our time -the most valuable asset- slip while commenting stupid things on Fecebook, lurking for cheap dopamine on Instagram or distracting ourselves over Whatsapp.

Most people regard Fecebook's current position as an accident. I disagree. In my opinion, is the perfect example of what a group of highly sociopathic assholes can accomplish, if let alone.

Governments -now present in almost all aspects of life, the biggest and most powerful of mafias- have failed miserably on controlling the damage Fecebook has inflicted to our society. We've given away freedom, in a ponzi scheme to gain safety, and they failed to protect us against an ackward sociopath in a hoody.

Not that Mr. Jobs was a benevolent hero. Not at all. Privacy on his vision, was a luxury that had to be paid in full on a premium price tag. But that is another topic.

Many have written about leaving Fecebook's poophole. They have made it somewhat difficult. How ridiculous is the idea of a rebellious act made of deleting an app in your phone? Very. Try explaining this and frame it as a "rebellious act" to someone who had fought a war or such. Yes, ridiculous.

Start today: open your browser's tab and logout from facebook. If you cannot or don't have the guts to delete your account altogether, not fine, but at least: log out. Clear your history and erase all Fecebook's cookies. Do the same with Instagram and Whatsapp (for web).

On your phone: IF you MUST -which probably you don't- keep Whatsapp, then disable its notifications and badges: put on your description: contact me over Signal or any other app. Do the same for instagram.

The fact remains the same: we must act now.